Astrology Wisdom for higher consciousness
What is your life purpose?
Why did you come here this time?
What are your special gifts?
Relationships ... Finances ... Health ... Career ... Business ...
What challenges you, and what helps you respond successfully?
What types of spiritual practice are especially suited to you?
Maps—Where to do what
Time Lines—When to do what

Sidereal Astrology plus
Methods from India, Europe and America using
latest computer technology for accuracy
including parallax correction
and angles between planets calculated by direct distance

Make your soul desires real
Find your true work
Deepen your direct, personal spiritual experience
Understand yourself and others.
Get answers.  Be prepared.

Personal Consultations
There’s no substitute for a live astrologer. Only a human being is able to weigh all the factors in a horoscope to answer your specific questions. Speak with your astrologer personally, confidentially.
Birth Chart with Analysis
Life purpose, major issues, spiritual path. Includes verification or determination of birth time by a Moment chart (horary, muhurta) method using K.S. Krishnamurti Advanced Stellar Astrology. Personal consultation and printed reports including aspects, harmonic cycles, and Small Constellation (Nakshatra). $250  or  €225

Additional analyses based on birth chart:
Relationship Analysis
Influences in the relationship, personal consultation. Include birth time and location of the second person.  $75  or  €70

Location Analysis
Where is best for your specific purposes. Maps and report sent by email, personal consultation.  $75  or  €70

6-Month Upcoming Influences (Transits, murhurta)
Times of all major planetary aspects to your birth chart for the next six months, with interpretation, approximately 15 pages sent by email.  $45  or  €40

Lifetime Planetary Periods: Dashas, Bhuktis, Antaras
Dates of all planetery periods for 120 years, sent by e-mail.  $75  or  €70

Advanced Reports
Sky Map, Conjunctions to fixed stars with interpretation, Degree meanings, sent by e-mail.  $45  or  €40

Moment Chart  (Horary, muhurta)
Specific question not dependent upon birth chart (for example, "Where are my lost keys?"), analysis of horary (muhurta) chart using K.S. Krishnamurti stellar astrology. Personal consultation.  $45  or  €40
Were you born above the Arctic Circle and do you know your birth time? Your computer generated report is free!
Вы были рождены выше Северного Полярного Круга, и Вы знаете ваше время рождения? Ваше сообщение свободно!

Astrology Image

This astrology reading is priceless!
—L.V., Europe
“We thank you sincerely for the most excellent reading.  You really zeroed in on his essence and on his life purpose to a degree that no other astrology reading has done.”
—T.W., U.S.A.
Life Purpose
Good Timing
Good Places
Birth time
and more

Weekly Astrological Tip
If you have a strong Mercury, you are probably a very good communicator. If Mercury is the Little Ruler of your Midheaven (10th house), Ascendant (Lagna), 7th, or 2nd house, you can earn by being an agent or go-between.


Finding the positive opportunities at any time or place

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