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Indian astrological tradition holds that there are certain periods of the day called "Dragon Time" (Rahukala) that are inauspicious for starting trips or other mundane endeavors. These times are different for each day of the week. These periods can be auspicious for meditation, study of the stars, or communication with other planes. There is also a period each day which is auspicious for worldly affairs, called "Angel Time" (Gulikakala).

The times are based on local sunrise and sunset, which vary greatly according to latitude and time of year.

To find the Dragon and Angel Times for a particular day, find the times of Sunrise and Sunset on that date in your location from a weather service, newspaper, or online at WorldClock, or SunriseSunset (printable calendar). The times of sunrise and sunset do not change very much from one day to the next (unless "Daylight Time" or "Summer Time" goes on or off). So with today's times, you can find the Dragon and Angel Times for the coming week.

Then simply choose the Weekday and the Sunrise and Sunset times below, and click the button to see the times for your location today.


Practical Use of Dragon Time

Tradition advises not to start a trip or an important practical endeavor during Dragon Time. It is easy to understand why when we understand that the Dragon causes eclipses! The Dragon's Head and Tail are special directions, astronomically called "nodes of the Moon," that change from day to day. If the Moon is in one of these special places, the Dragon can swallow up the Moon or Sun, causing a total solar or lunar eclipse. An eclipse can only occur when the Moon is in the Dragon's Head or Tail. An eclipse does not always occur, since the Moon could be too far above or below the Earth-Sun plane of the Dragon. Eclipses seem eerie and are considered inauspicious, so the Dragon eclipse-causers are considered inauspicious.

An event that is birthed or initiated during Dragon Time may get eclipsed, or end unexpectedly. If we start on a journey, we may be delayed or diverted. We might have an unexpected adventure, so it is not necessarily bad. It's just that our original intent might not be fulfilled.

The Dragon Head is also associated with the stars, astrology, unseen dimensions and beings, and communications from other dimensions, which can sometimes be beneficial. The Dragon Tail is associated with herbal medicines and spiritual intuition. If we are planning these types of endeavors, Dragon Time is not contraindicated.

If you want to establish something for a particular purpose, avoid beginning the project during the inauspicious Dragon times. Avoid starting journeys during Dragon time unless you have the flexibility to enjoy the unexpected. With proper structure or guidance, use Dragon Time to reach higher states of mind or spirit. Proceed with normal daily activities, read books, sip tea, and enjoy Nature during Dragon time.

Auspicious Planetary Times

Tradition also holds that each period of the day has a planetary "ruler." Just like Dragon time, daily planetary times must be calculated according to the times of Sunrise and Sunset.

If there is a particular activity or event that you especially want to be successful, you can try do it during a favorable Planetary period. There are additional astrological influences to be taken into consideration when planning events, but these times can be used by anyone.

If you know what affairs correspond to each planet in your personal astrology chart, those correspondences are even more valuable for you than the general correspondences above.

Dragon times (Rahukala) and Planetary hours printed in books are only for days near March 21st and September 21st, the spring and autumn equinoxes. On these dates the Sun rises at 6:00 am and sets at 6:00 pm, local mean time, everywhere.

The astrological definition of "sunrise" and "sunset" is when the center of the Sun is at the horizon. The legal definition, which can be slightly different, may be listed in some newspapers.

Auspicious and Inauspicious Times of Day

If the Sun does not rise or set, which happens near the arctic circles around June 21st and December 21st, there is no Dragon Time or Angel Time. If the day is very long, each period can last up to six hours.

Planetary Colors

Each planet is associated with particular colors, metals, and gemstones. The association of the visible planets and metals has actually been demonstrated by scientific experiements performed during eclipses.

Some people like to honor the planet of the day by wearing a color or material belonging to the weekday planetary ruler.

Planetary Colors Gems and Metals

Note that these are the traditional, physical colors associated with the planets. People who are clairvoyant may see the etheric color, or flashing color, when looking at a physical object. For example, the etheric color of diamond is brilliant green, and the etheric color of yellow is sky blue. Other systems, such as the Tree of Life, use the etheric colors for planetary associations.

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