Astrology Wisdom for higher consciousness
Methods and Tools
We use a combination of traditional Indian and Western techniques, using the latest and most accurate tools and methods:
bullet Stars
The Large Constellations of Stars: stellar Sidereal zodiac (Ram - Fish), Small Constellations (Nakshatras), and the Little Rulers (Kalanshas, or "Subs")

bullet Angles between planets (aspects)
Full set of Aspects between Planets, including "minor" Aspects calculated exactly by direct distance (not projection onto the Earth-Sun plane)

bullet House System
Progressive house system that is valid for all latitudes

bullet Maps and Relocation
Maps of the world showing planetary influences at any location

bullet Precision
Accurate software, parallax correction for all planetary positions, true position of Moon's Nodes (Dragon Head and Tail), and actual angular distance between planets

bullet Current Influences
Transits—where the planets are at the time of an event

bullet Harmonics
Harmonic Analysis of planetary cycles

bullet Planetary Periods for Long-term Projection
121-Year Planetary Periods (Vinshottari Nakshatra Dasha System)

Any time, any place, any configuration has positive (or negative) potential. No time is all good, no time is all bad. We assist you in using your time to the best.


Finding the positive opportunities at any time or place
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