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bullet Finding Lost Objects with Stellar Astrology
Find Lost Phone with Advanced Stellar Astrology 13 min
Find Missing Money with Advanced Stellar Astrology 12 min
Find Missing Silver Solution with Advanced Stellar Astrology 9 min
bullet Science and Astrology
Dr. Richard Alan Miller - Science and Astrology 28 min
bullet Sky Maps,  Sidereal and Tropical Zodiac
Sky Maps: Where are the planets, actually 14 min
Why two Western astrologers switched to Stellar Sidereal Zodiac 20 min
Since the Tropical Zodiac has nothing to do with stars, what about Western astrology? 6 min
bullet Choosing the Best Times with Astrology
bullet Small Constellations, Little Rulers
How to Find Ruling Planets in Advanced Stellar Astrology 16 min
bullet Rectification of Birth Times with Advanced Stellar Astrology
bullet Prediction with Stellar Astrology


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